Workplace Essential Skills Trades Training (WESTT)

Program Objective:  The Workplace Essential Skills Training Program is an integrated ten-week interdisciplinary program that provides an Introduction to Trades and Advanced Essential Skills training.

Many colleges, universities, and training facilities in the northwest are preparing community members for the potential bombardment of the many trades jobs that will become available if or when the LNG pipeline is approved for the northwest region.

With these job opportunities comes specific technical skills and knowledge that are required, and gained through a combination of trades training and on the job experience. Some of these technical skills are the ability to read blueprints and forms, check product specifications, use a tape measure, read manuals, communicate effectively on the job, solve trade math problems…

TRICORP responded to the need for skilled trades people, and along with industry experts, research data, Essential Skills experts, statistical data, and a study (RAVEN – commissioned by TRICORP) conducted for the northwest region developed the specific programming that will best meet the needs of the Aboriginal people.

The Workplace Essential Skills Trades Training is a program that provides training in the following areas:

□ Advanced Essential Skills Training
□ Specific Trades Training
□ Employment Readiness
□ Industry Certifications

This training can also provide the participant with skills that are transferable to working in mines, forestry and any other industries that are prominent in our region.

Participants must be:

□ Be of Aboriginal ancestry
□ Be 18 years of age or older
□ Have, or be able to acquire a driver’s license
□ Commit to 10-weeks of training, attend for five days per week, 8:30 – 3:30 Monday to Friday
□ Demonstrate a professional attitude, be punctual, and commit to the program
□ Be proactive in their training

This program not only provides the training necessary to successfully job search and retain employment the industry sector, but they have taken this training one step further. They have designed this program by using industry materials and resources, and have used typical working environment specifications. For example:

Participants are expected to attend class every day and arrive on time, ready to participate in class discussions and internalize lectures. Participants who are chronically late or miss, without excuse, two days of class will be release from the program.


Download our application below:


Workplace Essential Skills Trades Training (WESTT)






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