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Tricorp is proud to showcase its clients - our success stories.  These people have made their dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.  The links listed below will bring you to existing Tricorp and/or Aboriginal Business Canada clients' websites.  All descriptions and testimonials are those of the client.  Clients will be added to the site as the information is received.  Tricorp accepts no liability or responsibility for claims, content, or representations made on these sites. The name of the business is the link that will bring you to the business website.



We offer world class salmon & halibut fishing in Prince Rupert to families, friends & corporate groups.  Also offering whale watching, harbour tours and grizzly bear viewing.

"We started this venture with the help of Tricorp.  We wouldn't otherwise be able to do so if it weren't for all the staff who guided us on how to get our business started. We managed to have a great first season and we look forward to next summer.  We have already seen a difference on what this business means to our family and we are very grateful for this unique opportunity."  

Sandy Beckwith



We have been involved in the Fishing Charter Business here in Prince Rupert for almost 20 years now, since the "Spring of 1989." As a result, we have a very well established clientele; which continues to grow annually. This growth and the need to expand our Business, is what lead us to Tricorp & ABC to explore our options and see what was available.

"The staff at Tricorp & ABC were very helpful and straightforward and lead us through the application process step by step. Expanding our Business may not have been possible for a long time without the help of these programs. Overall, I would say our experience with Tricorp & ABC was definitely a positive one and we feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to access Tricorp & ABC's valuable programs."

Val Wiley


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