Tribal Resources Investment Corporation

The Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP) provides a wide range of financial services to First Nations entrepreneurs in Northwestern British Columbia.
Nesika Management Ltd., a Tricorp subsidary, is a management and Consulting business which works closely with TRICORP to provide financial and business management services to the firms clientele, as well as public and private individuals and organizations. 

Please check out our newest program: Tricorp Employment and Skills Training Services (TESTS); on this page you will see the details of what the program is all about as well as the latest news and deadlines associated with this program.

"Our vision for our people: Economic Self-reliance." 

Since its inception, TRICORP has contributed to the prosperity and self-reliance at the individual and community level by providing business loans totalling $24.2 million (to January 21, 2008). TRICORP continues to support First Nations’ economic development.


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